Cooperative Corporations and Condominiums

Baker Greenspan & Bernstein, Esqs., is a well-known leader in this field. We represent of some of the largest cooperative developments in the entire country.

What We Do

Our lawyers have a long tradition of bringing practical and creative solutions to the Boards of Cooperative and Condominium entities. We offer all manner of representation to Boards of Directors ranging from election procedures to property law. We provide counseling in dealing with contractors, architects, engineers, accountants and other professionals.

We have represented our cooperative and condominium clients with over $1 billion in loans, re-finances and other financial transactions.


We also have a large presence in the New York Mitchell-Lama program. This special form of cooperative development requires a unique knowledge of not only corporate and real estate law, but also a command of the Federal, State and/or local statutes and rules that govern these entities. Our ability to provide effective representation to Mitchell-Lama cooperatives stems, in part, from our close, personal knowledge of the issues facing these developments. In fact, fact some of our attorneys have actually lived in and served on the Board of Directors of Mitchell-Lama cooperatives.

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